Shopping mall children's dinosaur car: an ideal investment project with high profit and low investme

Issuing time:2023-08-08 10:06

When operating a children's dinosaur car in a shopping mall, the following are some possible operational ideas

Set an attractive dinosaur car theme: In order to attract more children and parents' interest, you can design a variety of dinosaur car themes, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus or Triceratops, etc. Each theme can have different skins and decorations for more options and fun.

Provide a variety of riding experiences: In addition to the basic 20-minute riding experience, different riding packages can be introduced, such as 60-minute, 90-minute or all-day passes, to meet the needs of different customers. Additionally, special themed events such as dinosaur safari or ride-on races can be offered for added engagement and fun.


Set a reasonable price strategy: In addition to the 10 yuan charge for a 20-minute riding experience, different prices can be set according to different riding durations and packages. For example, packages with extended rides could offer discounts to encourage customers to opt for a longer experience. Also, consider launching a membership program or coupons to increase repeat customers and boost sales.

Create a good experience environment: In order to attract more children and parents, the dinosaur car area should be designed to be fun and safe. You can create a bionic dinosaur environment, such as setting up dinosaur models, vegetation and sound effects, to increase realism and fun. In addition, to ensure the safety performance and maintenance of the dinosaur car, regularly check and repair the vehicle to ensure the safety and comfort of customers.

Conduct marketing campaigns: Increase the visibility and appeal of the dinosaur car through marketing campaigns. It is possible to cooperate with malls to carry out joint marketing activities, such as promotional posters, coupon distribution or online promotion. In addition, you can also consider cooperating with children's playgrounds, schools or community organizations to hold themed activities to attract more target customer groups.

Data statistics and analysis: collect and analyze dinosaur car usage data, such as passenger flow, usage frequency and customer feedback. This data can help understand customer needs and preferences, as well as evaluate operational effectiveness. Make adjustments and improvements based on data results to continuously improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

Focus on customer experience and service: Train employees to provide friendly and professional service to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Collect customer feedback regularly, and make active responses and improvements. Provide additional services, such as providing photos or videos to record the riding experience, so as to increase customers' memory and share value.


The shopping mall children's dinosaur trolley is a kind of entertainment equipment with children as the main audience. Combining the function of timing billing and QR code activation, it provides investors with an ideal investment project with high profit and low investment. The following is an introduction to the profit model and investment advantages of the children's dinosaur car in the shopping mall, as well as how to manage it easily and obtain rich returns.

Section 1: Profit Model

The profit model of the children's dinosaur trolley in the shopping mall is mainly based on the regular billing and the two-code activation function. First of all, by setting a reasonable charging standard, such as charging 10 yuan for a 20-minute riding experience, the income for each ride can be realized. Secondly, the QR code activation function makes management more convenient. Investors only need to hire a staff member to take care of the equipment without requiring too much human resources investment.

Section 2: Low-input, high-return investment projects

The children's dinosaur car in the shopping mall is a low-input, high-return investment project. Investors only need to invest about 4,000 yuan to purchase dinosaur trolley equipment, and the equipment has a long life cycle and can be used continuously, reducing subsequent maintenance and update costs. Under normal operating conditions, it usually only takes about a month to recover the investment cost, and the subsequent monthly income will become pure profit.

Section 3: Simple management, easy money

The management of the children's dinosaur car in the shopping mall is relatively simple, just hire a staff member to take care of the equipment. Investors can negotiate and cooperate with shopping malls to choose a suitable venue for equipment placement. Once the equipment starts operating, investors can easily enjoy the income without too much operation and management. The cart's attractiveness and child-friendly nature will attract more customers, further increasing revenue.

Conclusion: As a low-investment, high-return investment project, the children's dinosaur car in the shopping mall has become the first choice of investors for its unique charm and audience appeal. Through the function of regular billing and QR code activation, investors can easily manage the equipment and recover the investment cost in a short time. At the same time, the simple management process and sustained high profitability have brought stable and generous returns to investors. If you are looking for a promising investment project, the children's dinosaur car in the shopping mall is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

(Disclaimer: This article only provides investment advice. Investors should make decisions based on their own circumstances and pay attention to market risks.)

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