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Dinosaur World Adventure Park

In the distant future, scientists have successfully resurrected dinosaurs, a long-extinct species, through highly developed genetic technology. In order to find a new living space for these magnificent creatures, people decided to build a dinosaur paradise on a remote island. This park is called "Dinosaur World", which aims to provide tourists with a play experience full of excitement and adventure.


story background

Dinosaur World is located on the mysterious Dinosaur Island, which is surrounded by a huge river, which is said to have magical powers. The dinosaurs on Dinosaur Island have unique characteristics because of the mysterious power of this river. The dinosaurs on the island lived in harmony and protected the land together.

story line

Tourists arrive at Dinosaur Island: Tourists arrive at Dinosaur Island on a specially-made dinosaur-shaped yacht, and are greeted by a magnificent dinosaur statue. Visitors accept the guide of the park here and start their adventure.

Dinosaur Village: Tourists first come to Dinosaur Village, where dinosaurs and humans live together. Tourists can visit the life scenes of various dinosaurs in the dinosaur village, such as dinosaur restaurant, dinosaur theater and so on. The dinosaurs here are very friendly, and visitors can interact with them closely.

Dinosaur Valley Adventure: After the Dinosaur Village, visitors will take a special suspension bridge to cross the Dinosaur Valley. During this process, tourists can observe all kinds of huge herbivorous dinosaurs at close range, such as long-necked dragons and stegosauruses.

Dinosaur Research Institute: After exploring the Dinosaur Valley, visitors will visit the Dinosaur Research Institute. Here, visitors can learn about the origin and living habits of dinosaurs, as well as the breeding and protection of dinosaurs in the park. Visitors can also touch dinosaur eggs and fossils with their own hands.

Dinosaur Jungle Adventure: After visiting the Dinosaur Research Institute, visitors will enter the Dinosaur Jungle Adventure. In this area, visitors can observe all kinds of fierce carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tourists need to avoid these ferocious dinosaurs during the jungle adventure, find clues, and unlock the secrets of Dinosaur Island.

Dinosaur Arena: After the dinosaur jungle adventure, visitors will come to the dinosaur arena. Here, the dinosaurs will demonstrate their strength and skill. Visitors can watch the friendly competition between two dinosaurs, or participate in games with the dinosaurs to experience the power of dinosaurs.

Mysterious Dinosaur Temple: After the dinosaur arena, visitors will arrive at the mysterious Dinosaur Temple. Legend has it that this temple was built by the patron saint of Dinosaur Island, and it houses the most precious dinosaur fossils in the world. Tourists need to solve the puzzles in the temple in order to get a glimpse of the secrets of the temple.

Farewell Ceremony on Dinosaur Island: After the exploration of the mysterious dinosaur temple, tourists will participate in the farewell ceremony on Dinosaur Island. During this ceremony, the residents of Dinosaur Island perform mystical dances to pray for a safe future for the tourists. Visitors can also express their sincerest thanks to the residents of Dinosaur Island.

Outlying Islands: After the farewell ceremony, the tourists left Dinosaur Island on a dinosaur-shaped yacht, and ended their adventure trip in Dinosaur World with full of memories.

In Dinosaur World Adventure Park, visitors will experience an adventure full of excitement and surprises. Here, tourists can not only experience the charm of dinosaurs in person, but also unlock the mysterious secrets of Dinosaur Island. This story will bring visitors an unforgettable play experience, allowing them to deeply feel the mystery of the dinosaur world.

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