The Counterattack of the Age of Dinosaurs

Issuing time:2023-07-04 13:36


In the vast universe, there is a distant planet where various dinosaurs live. These dinosaurs possessed a high degree of intelligence and their civilization was more advanced compared to humans. However, a sudden catastrophe befell the dinosaur planet. In order to survive, they were forced to leave their homes and travel through time and space to the earth. At the same time, the dinosaurs on Earth are on the verge of extinction.

The leader of Dinosaur Planet, King of Flying Dragons—Pterosaur King, led his people to the earth. They discovered that the dinosaurs on the earth were being hunted wildly by humans and were facing a crisis of survival. The pterosaur king decided to stand up, help their kind, and start a struggle between justice and evil with human beings.

The pterosaur king led the dinosaurs to form a resistance army. In this army, there were powerful Tyrannosaurus rex, fast Velociraptor, amazing defensive Triceratops, and dinosaur wise men who were good at strategy. They began to sneak into human cities, looking for captured dinosaurs and rescuing their own kind. Their arrival rekindled the hope of the dinosaurs on the earth.

In a rescue operation, the pterosaur king met a boy named Xiaoqiang. Xiaoqiang was originally captured by a group of hunters and forced to participate in the hunt for dinosaurs. The pterosaur king rescued Xiaoqiang and learned some real situations about human beings. It turns out that dinosaurs on the earth have become rare resources. In order to obtain resources from dinosaurs, human beings hunt them by all means. However, not all human beings are evil. Children like Xiaoqiang are just forced by life and helpless.

The pterosaur king and Xiaoqiang became friends, and they helped each other and worked together to save the dinosaurs on the earth. Xiaoqiang brought the pterosaur king to a secret base where many captured dinosaurs were imprisoned. With their wisdom and courage, they successfully rescued these dinosaurs. This made the Pterosaur King lament that friendship can also be established between humans and dinosaurs.

As time went by, more and more humans joined the ranks of saving dinosaurs. They organized a resistance force, and together with the dinosaur army of the Pterosaur King, they jointly fought against those greedy dinosaur hunters. In a fierce battle, they successfully defeated the hunters and saved many dinosaurs. This victory made the dinosaurs on the earth feel the dawn of hope.

However, the good times didn't last long. One day, Pterosaur King suddenly received a message from Dinosaur Planet. The catastrophe there has passed, and the environment of the dinosaur planet is gradually recovering. The Pterosaur King understands that they need to return to their planet and rebuild their homeland. However, they have made many human friends on Earth and cannot bear to leave. This put the pterosaur king in a dilemma.

At this time, scientists on the earth have discovered a new technology that can bring the advanced civilization of the dinosaur planet to the earth. This technology allows humans and dinosaurs to live together and protect the planet together. The pterosaur king hesitated again and again, and finally decided to stay on the earth and create a bright future with mankind.

The pterosaur king and some members of the dinosaur army stayed on the earth to work with humans to research new technologies and protect the environment. They have established a profound friendship with human beings, and jointly maintain the peace and prosperity of this planet. Dinosaurs on the earth have been treated well, and humans have gradually learned to respect and cherish dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived with humans and made the earth a better place.


Under the leadership of the pterosaur king, the dinosaur culture on earth has been inherited and developed. People have established dinosaur sanctuaries on the earth so that dinosaurs can live safely. At the same time, human beings are also learning the advanced technology of the dinosaur planet to make the earth more prosperous. The joint efforts of dinosaurs and humans have made the earth a hopeful planet.

Year after year, dinosaurs and humans on the earth coexist peacefully and prosper together. The pterosaur king and Xiaoqiang became legends, and their stories were sung among dinosaurs and humans. Their friendship has become the most beautiful scenery on earth.

This story tells us that both dinosaurs and humans should cherish each other's existence. Only through mutual understanding and respect can we create a bright future together. The story of dinosaurs and humans also makes us understand that friendship and love are forces that transcend species and planets. In the face of this strength, all difficulties and challenges will become a thing of the past.

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