Installation instructions and precautions for simulating dinosaurs

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Installation Instructions and Precautions for Realistic Dinosaur Models

First, install the head and tail of the dinosaur. (When installing the head, be careful to connect the neck line plug-in, and when moving, avoid damaging the teeth and eyes.)

Use three-bond adhesive to bond the incision parts of the head and tail. (When bonding, make sure the textures are aligned.)

Lift the dinosaur body with a crane, with the height of the chassis about 1cm from the ground, and then remove the fixing screws.

Lift the dinosaur body and rotate the chassis 180 degrees. (When lifting the dinosaur body, be careful to maintain balance, and it is better to have two people holding the tail.)

Install the two legs. (Pay attention to the markings.)

Bond the incision parts of the legs. (When bonding, make sure the textures are aligned.)

Connect the control box and speaker. (The control box output has a transparent audio cable directly connected to the speaker.)

Check if all the connections are correct, turn on the air switch, and the normal working indicator light will light up.

Note: If you need to set the interval time between actions, there is a red DIP switch inside the control box. When set to NO 1, the dinosaur will execute the action program every 1 minute, and similarly, NO 2 is every 2 minutes, NO 3 is every 3 minutes, and NO 4 means no action. (The default is 2 minutes, it is recommended to change it to 3 minutes to avoid frequent actions that may cause mechanical wear and tear.)

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